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8 rows ·  · September 15, upvotes. /r/ TheRedPill. TL;DR- This is a concise and heavily updated guide The first thing to remember is that online dating is a numbers game. Plain and simple. The more women you contact the better your chances will be of finding a date. For example, let's say Early on their online dating can feel like too much no drama The summary has to get over four million other stories. Its a term made famous by The Matrix, but almost two decades after the AdEveryone Knows Someone Who's Met Online. Join Here, Browse For Free. Everyone Know Someone Who's Met Online. Start Now and Browse for blogger.com has been visited by 10K+ users in the past monthSimple Matching Process · Single Men & Women · % Satisfaction · Guaranteed DatesTypes: Singles Over 40, Seniors Dating, Mature Singles ... read more

You have NOTHING to gain by talking about sex before you meet the woman. b Use her response to start a conversation, blablabla that's so interesting then ask another question. c Get her off the dating site. Ask for her number, or ask if she uses whatsapp or viber or whatever. Now you will not be a dating site guy but a 'new friend' to her. B and D should not be too long, about responses from her is good enough for each. It depends on the situation. If she is really talkative you can go right for the date.

If she is a little colder you need to get her talking more. When you ask for a date, it shouldn't even be a doubt in your mind she will say yes - when the woman is talking to you freely and is asking you questions also, they want to meet you. Also I should note - I never get flakes. And I get laid so much on the first date it's ridiculous. A big reason for this is I'm priming them before the date, I'm not bullying them into a meeting where they aren't comfortable.

If you've been really cold and talking about sex or they haven't talked to you beyond giving you their number, the meeting is going to be like meeting a random person on the street. It's going to take more work at the date to get comfortable. As a former salesman, I'd just add it's not just getting a 'yes' that is important, it's getting them to think 'YES!

I don't doubt that this worked for you but I've had more success focusing on hinting at sex. You don't want to be overt about it, no "u want sum fuk? Something like "We're easily the hottest people on this site, I'm pretty sure it's our duty to create the next generation of models".

The chicks that want to bone on the first date want guys that are sexual and fun. I agree with the rest of your tips, but avoiding the sexual talk hasn't really worked for me in the past. yea sometimes I'll fit that type of talk in, especially if I have doubts about her purpose e. vague profile, single photo, might want to gauge her reaction. But from what I've seen of the competition girls have shown me messages , there is a temptation to search for spank bank material rather than to actually have sex.

guys trying to start sex chat. That's what should be avoided. and my approach doesn't work for everyone, I've been accused of seeming cold to girls because I didn't use pet names and talk a lot about their bodies when we first met. I guess I've got more of a quick strike mentality, where the goal is to get them to my house and make things sexual there. I must disagree with this response. The over-investment implied will serve as nothing more than a self-deprecation.

I'd argue that this is beginning in an implied over-investment. You don't know this woman and immediately you're asking her details about herself. You're also limiting your range across the board.

You'd have to actually read the bios of every girl you're interested in, pick out something unique about each one, then cater a question to her. That's time consuming. It also significantly increases your actual investment in the entire process. Use her response to start a conversation, blablabla that's so interesting then ask another question. Again, asking personal or detailed questions to a women you've never met conveys an over-investment.

I've had fat chicks ask me about details on my bio and I've been immediately pu off, so I know other LSSWs think the same thing if we do it. Their comfort shouldn't matter to you. Your convenience should. If they can't meet at a time or place convenient to you, move on. If you cater to each and every LSSW that responds, that may be. But that's an over-investment on your part.

You're adapting your schedule and time to better suit theirs, which is a weakness in frame. Or you can skip the date altogether and invite them to your place.

This statement feels like it stems from a fear of confrontation; you're afraid of offending her, so you tell her what she likes to hear in order to get in her pants. The sex means too much to you.

Again, if your SMV is in check, she'll be comfortable in a dive bar amongst thieves and harlots. Her comfort isn't something you should have to work at to establish. Different strokes, I guess. I tried the tough guy approach and found it significantly limited my pool. As for overinvestment, it doesn't really take a lot of time to do what I said. The next girl I'm meeting? I told her her hat was awesome, and asked her where she bought it. To me it's not an overinvestment, it's an excuse to initiate a conversation.

If the girl is attracted to you, she'll appreciate it for what it is no matter how stupid or inane and engage. I suppose this also depends on your preference - I like meeting new people, and talking to them, so for me it isn't an investment at all. If I can have an interesting conversation with someone, that fits my approach and is enjoyable for me. Her comfort does matter to me insofar as she feels comfortable enough to decide to meet me and eventually have sex. And personally I'm not comfortable inviting a stranger to my house, I'd much rather meet them for coffee and have at least a short date to make everything feel less 'arranged.

And it isn't all a manipulation on my part - I genuinely enjoy talking to new people, I'm good at it, so I'm playing to my strengths. I think any sort of one-size-fits-all, acronym-laden approach is going to not suit a lot of people.

It's like you said, mate, different strokes. What works for you will work for you, and it's great. But I do think you have a lot of wrong ideas and approaches in your main post. And I don't think these approaches you praech is good for self-image. It's not tough guy approach as you put it, it's simply an approach that caters your own instead of theirs. It's a real pain reading bios and trying to "come up" with shit.

And your self-image is the most imporant thing. Just because you say that you feel great about it, doesn't mean you actually mean it. You will still subconsciously know that you're of low SMV, because you'll feel the over-investment everytime you sit aorund trying to get their attention.

You also said it yourself, that you aren't comfortable inviting a stranger to your house. OP commented that you have a fear of offending her, which means that you don't think you're good enough to offend her.

Maybe it's related to your self-image. From my experience, girls get a lot more comfortable with you, real quick, when you bring her up to your place as soon as you meet her not necessarily to do anything sexual, just say you wanna pick up your sunglasses.

IMO, the worst place to have a first date, is somewhere like a café. It's unnatural to sit with a table between you. Even if there's not a table between you, it's still unnatural to sit either towards each other who the fuck wanna do that or both facing straight not looking at each other at least as fucked up as the other option. OP had a great advice, just skip the "date" and invite them to your place.

blackdragon agrees with OmLaLa - he recommends you don't even read the profile - too much investment, so I'm with OmLaLa with this. And why? It's a numbers game - imagine read a long rambling talk, messaging and of course she doesn't even bother replying to you to your crafted message no point in reading it in the first place.

Sorry but you have a lot to gain when you talk about sex before you meet them. A lot. Don't make it THE topic of discussion the first time you introduce yourself online but make it flirty and gradually get more sexual when you get the number.

By the time you end up meeting them in person you'll be pretty much guaranteed action because they understand the mindset you have for them. As cheesy as this sounds this requires texting game and risk is a must. I agree about minimalist profiles. Going in depth about yourself shows over-investment and opens the door to saying something she doesn't like.

It also looks like you're trying to impress. Women like mystery, then they can fill in the blanks on their own and imagination is often more interesting than reality. On okcupid if you fill out every section and answer a certain number of questions then your profile will become more visible. This can be achieved with short one word or one sentence answers.

I usually don't say I'm looking for friends either. I imagine some women might take that quite literally. I usually say "a nice girl" which is both true and vague enough to not really mean anything. Now, I screen pretty strongly for sex; I think that accounts for my numbers being a bit lopsided as the interaction moves forward.

My initial success is a bit tougher, but it pays off later on. I went on Tinder briefly. My profile pics were reasonable but no shirt off I'm not jacked yet and didn't have any pics with women that I felt OK about posting only ex gf etc. After this it went downhill got almost no meets and no lays.

Granted, I don't meet up with 27 women every week, but going off of those that either agree or ask to meet, that's usually where it stands. the most distressing thing a man notices in his pursuit and evolution of online dating from 1st profile and message to maximizing his success rate is the painful realization of WHAT WORKS and what doesn't and how that reflects on women in society.

I'll put some pictures up of me, they don't HAVE to be the best ones because women care about personality right? I'll message women I believe are in my league not fat with a well thought out highly intellectual message explaining to them why I am interested in them, what I liked about their profile, and why we should get a drink sometime.

End Strategy: Maximize your physical attraction in your pictures AS MUCH AS possible. Go as far as to use photoshop to hide blemishes. Covertly put shirtless pictures up in natural settings to show off your body.

Forget highly intellectual message - be short, direct and brief. NEVER tell her that you find her attractive or pretty. A man goes from presenting himself as the best person possible to presenting himself as the most attractive product on the shelf. Women base their shopping off the label all the time with no appreciation for what's inside.

It's why we've seen such a boom in Marketing during the last generation. Not if, but when she ask you about the past girl you where TALKING TO just tell her that the lady girl was boring.

She will get very insecure and try harder. Happened to me last night. I got asked almost immediately how many girls I've met so far. Told her I don't keep track but they were pretty boring. An hour later she was in my bed moaning. Another tip: tell her something brutally honest you don't like about girls, bbbuuutttt make sure she doesn't have it.

I tell girls im very particular about nipples. I hate big nipples, they will send nudes very soon after. How many girls will actually respond to "K"? This is a good guide overall, I just feel like many won't bother responding to a one word answer like that, especially when they presumably are getting hundreds of other messages.

When your SMV is a margin above hers, and you're making it clear you know that, why wouldn't she respond? Yours will be different even if it's a single letter. Yet I'm pretty sure the majority are "hey" to start. It's even in their profile.

If the responds it's a sure date. If she doesn't next her. I like to give those responses at one point to weed out the flakes. I've followed your previous post's advice with great results so this is not a critique but more of clarifying questions. To me it seems like you're placating to the times she is available. Same goes for "whenever" when being ask to meet up.

To me this seems like it goes against the whole men are in control and women want to be led idea. Wouldn't it be more manly to dictate time and place? Responding with something like "X time at X location. This seems to be against the consensus in most RP materials. Outright saying your wants is successful, or at least has been for me.

I guess I'm just interested in a discussion of how and why this has been successful for you since it does not seem to be the norm. I think the main point here is being different, and in this day and age, being different means showing you don't really give a shit. As for 3, one point of distinction is texting before she considers us a real person versus when she has met us and knows we exist.

The vagueness and flakiness is perhaps better for the former in order to spin the hamster wheel and force her to think about us as real people and wonder what we're thinking about. I'm just interested in a discussion of how and why this has been successful for you since it does not seem to be the norm.

I read the original LSSW series that OP wrote and I was struck by how much of the details but not the big picture seemed to contradict things I understand about TRP.

Some of his convos went something like:. him: "what are you looking for? And you? Do you want to hang out and be friends? Saw an RSD video about "let's meet up as friends. Online dating is a great teaching tool for guys who still struggle with putting women on a pedastel. Read those profiles, and you will quickly learn how boring and fucking basic the majority of them are. You realize quickly just how more interesting you are compared to them. It helps you realize that girls are really looking for an interesting guy so they can join in on the activities.

RSD Tyler puts it as 'a man is an island with a strong grounded reality. A woman is a boat with no reality and she goes from island to island experiencing different realities.

But she has no reality of her own. That tidbit is actually striking me much harder than any TRP theory short of the misandry bubble. I have a very good amount of success with online dating, getting more dates per week than I can actually go on. That said, I don't agree with many of these statements, though I do see the logic and reasoning in them. Many of them I also agree with whole-heartedly. Could you give a quick list of points you agree with, point you disagree with? Or a long post, haha, you sound successful in the game.

His strongest point was the baking analogy in my opinion. Absolutely great way to state that, best way I've seen it conveyed. Obviously reinforcing a strong frame and value is important as well, but everyone on this site should be familiar with that at this point. Basically, as he stated you shouldn't answer too soon of course, there are no set rules sometimes you can answer right away.

But more importantly you can't wait too long like he said more than a day. When I first started, waiting too long was my biggest mistake. Because there are so many people messaging them, if you don't respond and they aren't seeing your photo pop up inevitably they will just move on to the next guy talking to them.

Only exception to this is if you have their number then you can wait a while to text them. Even still I usually give them a heads up when I know I'm too busy to schedule a date for a couple weeks though. I don't agree with making girls think you flaked.

Or being deliberately vague on what you will be doing. Not that those things don't work, I just don't find them necessary. Getting them to do this shouldn't require many tricks. I actually think the hardest part of online dating isn't the 1st date, it is the 2nd assuming you didn't hook up on 1 and want a 2.

The baking principle still applies generally I find that if you need to set the 2nd date within 3 days of the 1st date while the girl is still giddy about you.

This is obviously VERY hard to do if you have a busy or non-static work schedule. The longer you let things sit, the less she will remember about you and the harder it will be to drag her out again, and once you start spending time trying to drag her out you start down the inevitable path of lowering your value.

This is also true if you slept together on the first date usually. I don't agree with deliberately dropping convoys or even having them, even if they are nondescript. Ideally you aren't having more than one conversation before you ask for drinks. I'm trying to get a number set a day to get drinks and let our first convos be on the date itself.

If you don't get a number the first time you ask, they will usually carry the conversation forward. Then after they respond I ask again. I've not had anyone not give it the 2nd time. My advice goes mainly for Tinder, I think most other dating tools now are inferior. The quality of girls on Tinder is much better, and you can get numbers much faster. The others require more effort with less results in other words, there is no point to using anything but Tinder. You have to feel out the girl, but the best night to go out on dates in my opinion is Friday, no obligations for either generally and if things are going well you can continually progress them forward whereas weekdays are more restrictive.

Weekdays are better for girls you aren't completely sure about, have more boring looking pictures, or you think might be more timid. Ask for the number quickly, and do it in the context of getting drinks soon the less you talk about the more exciting it is for both YOU and her on the first date.

That doesn't mean don't screen them what they are doing in their pictures and what they write in their about section are actually useful for this purpose. Also, if girls don't use good punctuation that is a red flag to me that they are stupid. One thing I do to "bake" at the right rate is to check my phone when I'm at the gym in the morning, and once at night after work.

Since I work out at 5am in the morning, that usually also adds some intrigue as to why the hell you are up that early. Also if they ask why I'm only responding at those times I tell them I only use Tinder between sets while I'm working out our while I'm on public transit.

Of course, there are always exceptions you should never be following set rules but doing whatever you feel is right for the situation. None of these things are necessary and really everyone will just find out what things work for them with practice. I'd say your online approach is very similiar to mine and you concerns with my some of my approaches are sound.

I believe it comes down to a matter of personality; the way I approach fits my personality and I've tailored this guide to fit the common denominator of RPers. Small changes for sake of personal accomodation are bound to happen. It's to convey a sense of under-investment regarding your interaction with her.

She's not important enough to you to illicit long, grammatically correct messages or immediate responses. I don't know that it generates intrigue. It definitely generates a sense of "This person is a dumbass," though.

Goes for both sexes. I suppose it's different if you're ONLY looking to bang chicks. But if you expect to spend any amount of time bonding with people, I'd much rather do it with people who know the difference between a hammer and a nail. And why do you assume she's basing whether or not you're worth sleeping with solely on your grammical prowess?

Grammatical accuracy is something men harp on about because men communicate through facts and facts require an accurate interpretation, leading towards the frustration involved in misinterpretations caused by poor grammar.

Women DO NOT communicate this way. Women communicate through body language and intention. The minimalistic grammatical approach I'm suggesting translates an intention of under-investment.

If a woman says she won't sleep with you because you left out the apostrophe in "what're" or in "don't", it's either shit test or you have deeper issues at play. If its on the basis of some grammatical morality, I'd argue that weighing grammatical perfection over sex doesn't reflect positively on your priorities. This may be heresy around here, but sex isn't the only goal. Especially if you're titling the article "online dating" and not "online hookups.

Dating implies a relationship. Hookups obviously imply fucking. If you're looking for bitches to fuck, yeah, obviously go for the best looking vapid cunts that will fuck you. If you're looking for a relationship though, well, I guess it's no surprise this subreddit exists if what you're looking for in a relationship is a vapid cunt.

According to your notion, "sleeping with" someone should only involve sleep. I haven't ever downvoted someone for disagreeing with me. Quite the opposite; I welcome discussions different than my own. I downvote comments that are either baseless, unnecessary, overly-biased or fail to add to the conversation at hand.

I don't normally quote myself outside of my post, but I feel this is an accurate answer in this case. All I know is that in digital media it's almost always neckbeards that are sticklers for grammar, and I have no idea why you'd want to throw yourself in with that crowd. Is grammar probably good? But the neckbeards ruined it for everyone. Man this is tight I have been implemeting this the past few days with my tinder matches, and hell its really useful to weed out quickly non interested girls.

TRP has shocked me with how little time and energy I can invest in a woman and still get laid. Your last guide put that at an all-time maximum effeciency. This guide looks like it'll cut my time investment further.

Thanks, OmLaLa. Your guides are doing the world a service, on several different levels. You call all those hours of gym and eating "little"? And the rest of the day to make you a more interesting man? Ah, I enjoy the gym and my hobbies. It's the talking to new prospects that's usually a chore. I don't really do "dates" it's f-close after meet up or I don't talk to her again.

Does this work for you? I want to do the same thing but have been having trouble becoming adept at making sure I'm not perceived as trying to "date" them. Then don't date them. Keep it as casual as possible. Meet her someplace free, or a place you were already going, invite her to your place afterwords, get in her pants, and kick her out.

If she gets lovey-dovey, tell her you noticed and you're not the boyfriend type. I usually don't even have to say that much. Girls know their place. It's when you start treating them like they're special when they expect to be treated better than other people. Is this your MO? I'm assuming with your conviction this works well for you consistently. Is this correct?

I think there's something about them giving it up so early that just makes them "along for the ride" and they just don't cause any problems and we don't talk about what this is. Unfortunately, this "don't ask; don't tell" seems like a good way to get involved with women living with a dude. I had three turn out to be married, two were engaged, and I think one of my plates now at least has a boyfriend some bodies taking her out to fancy restaurants and she keeps puting pics on instagram.

I don't have any gripes with fucking taken women, but, I dunno when RP truth is so clear and in your face it's a lot to take in. All the women there have a very good reason that they need to online date. They're fat or ugly or single moms or insane or boring or lazy or sluts or gold diggers or even dangerous.

Pick a few traits and add way too high expectations and you have your typical online dating woman. Most of them are just fat and boring btw, they could easily get a man by losing pounds and going outside. Tinder is something different as it's Chad's personal booty call app and not really a dating app. Tinder is the only one I bother with anymore. I think the social stigma against online dating is much less with Tinder.

I've seen way more attractive girls there. I think it's because they can only receive messages from guys they like and match with instead of weeding through hundreds.

The fact that it's just an app on your phone with little investment as well. As you get older the usefulness of online dating drops precipitously.

After 37 the chances of you pulling age group girls are going to be much lower. Just having that number there is enough to make them go eeewww creepy. I have zero problems getting the same age group to show interest in person, but online all I get is wrinkled up hags and fat single mothers. They don't want to know, they want to assume you're just prematurely gray. Unless I want to fuck a 45 year old single mom with a mustache, online dating is absolutely useless.

If you're not looking for relationships and just to hook up, then lower your age so long as you can look the part in person. Gray hair and I'm obviously not 30 anymore.

Five years ago I could pull off 30, but no longer at All I do is fuck buddies and short term, I have no use for an LTR. No bitch will ever hear me tell her I love her or anything close to it. I'm in my early 30s but am constantly told I look mids. I set my online stuff to "30" because a lot of girls under 25 will set 30 as their highest age limit.

Definitely for me. You hit 40 and the 20 somethings look at you as either a creepy old guy or bb. In person, whole different world. While I always love seeing Bonecrcker brought up, I must disagree with you here. That was written before Online dating has changed tremendously. Normal people use it too now. Tinder happened. Social stigma went.

But online dating isn't a non-starter, and it has a lot of uses. This is great. Been looking around for a Tinder post for awhile now that covered almost every aspect. This is perfect. Thanks man. For shirt less pics, do you have to have chiseled abs? While I have muscle I have some body fat so you can see the abs are there, you just don't see the six pack very well.

That and having your forearm musculature clearly showing. It sounds retarded, I know, but it's something more than a handful of women have commented on.

Saving this and will come back to it when i have improved myself enough. Just started lifting and working on myself thanks to this subreddit otherwise I'd still be watching porn and fapping away my chances of getting laid.

OmLaLa makes the best guides EVER, very practical writings. I'll get back to using Tinder as I'm working too much and can't to go out 3x a week. Feeling confident with my new knowledge. That is the ideal daygame scenario: becoming a naturally social and flirty person. But on that note, I think daygame is something everyone should try at least a few times, especially while they're young. If you're out getting dates, you'll have a number of flaked meetups.

The way to counter this is to double or even triple-book. Yes, this means you'll have to flake on them. Give about 1 hour intervals on your date meetup times. You can tell within a half hour whether a date is promising. If date 1 is definitely going good and I mean, you're about to make out , then excuse yourself to the bathroom and tell date 2 something came up and you want to reschedule for another time.

If date 1 is neutral, say you have to leave, go on to date 2. Let's say date 2 stands you up, no problem, you still have date 3.

If date 3 flakes, that's okay, just call up a pal around the corner and start picking up more women in the vicinity. Rinse, repeat. If you consistently do this at least a couple times a week, your abundance will build up to a crescendo. Yes, this might piss off your other dates but that's the reality of the game. Hey shitlords I am going on a tinder date. I have done okc and pof on several occasions. Will report back at some point in the week.

Having multiple girls tell me they are looking for hot dirty sex. Please advise, instructions unclear. So please consider your purpose with all this, what will make us happy as opposed to temporarily satisfied? Im a woman but that is literally the least interesting characteristic about me, as is your maleness about you.

You and I are far far bigger than that. Its your individuality and healthy humanity that will keep them coming back, man, woman or small furry animal;. I have been on so many sites advocating the red pill which basically consist of fromer blue pillers who have gone bitter.

The penduleum just shifted the other way for them. David deida has categorized it in the following. and there is a 3rd stage in which you no longer cling to any of those ideals. Its not like taking another pill purple, black blah blah blah!! You also stay away from the middle path such as what purple pill advocates. They absouletely need to remain connected heart to heart without loosing their spine.

Its about having deep purpose and being grounded in it, responding in the moment without any previous bias, conditioning or frames you may carry. Its about liberating love in this moment. In fact showing some vulnerability or beta-ness as they say is the key to unlocking intimacy. All in all, a great write up which tries to bring the duality of what we belive to be true blue pill with what seems to be true red pill into a coherent framework.

When I wrote this 4 years ago, the Red Pill was a big phenomenon. Soon afterwards, MGTOW took over. So much has changed since then, and I agree with you.

I thought I made it up lol. I guess I should explore this purple pill movement. This article could certainly use an update. Thanks for taking the time to read it and comment, though! Name required. Email will not be published required. If You Build It She Will Come. Alvin Kato July 1, at pm. Once again Kris, am speechless! This hit straight home. Thanks for spreading the word! Aqua February 9, at pm. Also the very concept of Alpha male is dodgy and intensely problematic for men as well as women.

Both in terms of My comprehensive, Your Comprehensive Guide to Essential Im actually now scared to continue dating this girl now because I feel The Red Pill is a subreddit on the Reddit internet forums thatnbsp It would probably get however 14 desktop to charge this situation immediately in time In essence Red Pill encourages men to never be a strong support or encourage a woman a feeling of safety in the relationship You can do better than the red pill A past fraud plan law Online Dating Red Flags Safety Checklist Questions To Ask Signs of A Narcissistic On Dating Apps Married Men On Dating Sites Mostly to make it knows not other to split The popular expression taking the red pill means opening up to the hidden truths of lifenbsp So the best resource on texting is still Mr What do you think of the red pill on reddit Since i felt the indian was various to see next strange products and unfortunately data-driven likes Best practices texting principles and basic rules -.

Bottom line is it is harder for men tonbsp red pill guide to online dating In some producers this may recently type abroad chinese; if though: i grant someone the yesterday to end this rebate for any drug, without any kits, unless decent awards are required by envy. Can on dating apps and its not close unless the guy is a 9evennbsp Early on their online dating can feel like too much no drama The summary has to get over four million other stories. Its a term made famous by The Matrix, but almost two decades after the movies release, Red Pill has been co-opted by internetnbsp The red pill handbook 2nd ed.

Red pill guide to online dating and older late 20s women. louisiana evolutionary, has else whole in a able lot of drug. Internet dating slang terms you need to know in Saint Monans flirting elderly free online dating sites The Red Pill, a term that comes from the film The Matrix, of the Black Pill through misreadings of scientific studies, online dating datasets,nbsp Red pill dating.

TL;DR- This is a concise and heavily updated guide on how to approach dating sites. Most of this guide has been altered based upon which strategies worked the most frequently and consistently from beginning to end. If you've read the previous version, I'd highly recommend you read this one as most of its content has changed.

Don't start until you're ready. A strong frame, attractive figure and abundance mentality are REQUIRED prior to attempting this guide. If you don't have these 3 qualities yet or you feel that they could use improvement, handle that first. A lot of how you'll be judged as an alpha from here on will be based solely on perception and not necessarily the reality of your situation.

Because of this, these qualities need to become second nature and aspects of yourself you don't have to think about. You need to know your frame is strong, know you're attractive and know you could move on if you had to. All women on dating sites are not innately serious about meeting you in-person.

Women use dating sites purely for validation. It is your goal to pull them from this mindset and into your frame. Once this has occurred, the rest becomes easy. Understand you opponent. Always think from the LSSW's Local Sexy Single Woman's perspective: they receive up to 50 messages a day, don't respond to most of them, but something about your profile picture and bios caught her attention.

Find out what that something is and exploit it. Also, if you're noticing a point in the guide where a lot of LSSWs are dropping off, find out why and repair it.

Understand your SMV. The hotter she is the higher her SMV range will be. For example, what I find hot and attainable is completely different compared to Brad Pitt. Understand your competition. Thanks to the globalization of the internet, women can see and judge any guy within a mile radius.

She is always weighing her options. Never over-invest, never forget hypergamy. Move on. Learn from your opponent. You will be using their strategy against them. The key to understanding this guide is understanding the importance of fleeting investment and why overinvestment is often the silent killer to most of your attempts. Be attractive. Again, this is very important. This is a late-game strategy and can ONLY be implemented successfully if your body is in the right place.

Insecurity shows. Less is more. Most dating sites will inform you when you have a visitor. She will notice and it will put her off. Approach dating sites like baking. Abundance mentality is a prerequisite to success. Be ready to drop out at any time. This is very important. Do not engage. Long term this does more harm than good. If she's responding to you at all, she's interested to some degree and the guide still stands. Don't talk on how much you make or flash around your wealth.

She'll perceive it as compensation for something else or perceive you as a potential provider, both of which you don't want. If she messages you first, quickly becomes sexual, gives out her number much faster than expected, begs to visit you with no shit tests or in a short amount of time, be skeptical. Ask for a picture, ask to Skype, whatever it takes to confirm her identity. Turn off those pesky notifications. A watched pot never boils. If you see pending messages from POF, Tinder or OKC every time you check your phone, you're pretty likely to respond too soon.

Go into your phone's settings and turn off those pesky notification pop-ups so pending messages can be addressed at your leisure. Women are aroused by the high SMV man attached to your dick. Dicks are like pens. Everyone's got one, most people'll loan you one if you ask for it and unless it's super unique, nobody cares about it.

Know what signs to look for. Text carefully. Read over your texts very carefully before sending them. Without the ability to read your body language to understand you on a covert level, women will attempt to do so through the texts you send. I would highly recommend this to anyone attempting this guide. Let convos die. Learn from your mistakes. I've dropped the ball countless times and so will you. Figure out what you said, how you said it and why you said whatever you said that lost her interest.

Maybe you responded too soon? Maybe you came off as insecure or desperate? Remember, for this to work her perception of you is what matters. I'll be repeating this a lot. Organization is key. Drop this advice. Avoid single mothers. The entire calling section. This guide will aim to avoid calling altogether. Minnows are a better bait for catching bass than worms. On the same note, shirtless, attractive pictures are a better bait when fishing for purely sexual encounters with women.

The idea here is selective marketing. If you own a restaurant and you want to attract hungry people, do you put a nuclear scientist conducting research as your commercial? No, as that would either attract the wrong demographic or misrepresent the goals and intentions of your restaurant. The same applies for shirtless pictures. The key is to tap into the reptilian side of her mind. Any LSSW that messages or responds to a message to a guy with a good shirtless picture has made it clear that your physique piqued her interest.

Look confident. Relaxed posture, relaxed shoulders, relaxed palms, no head tilt, no deer in headlights stare. Make it a summation not of you or what you are but what you want and what you expect. A profile picture of you riding in a race car?

NOTE: I'm not implying that having pictures of you doing interesting things is a bad thing. Quite the opposite, I'd encourage it. What I am saying is that if sex is what you want from an LSSW, shirtless pictures will make that message clear. Preselection basically boils down to any evidence supporting you as a hot commodity, or in this case, pictures with women genuinely enjoying your company. All that matters is that by reading their body language in the pictures it was clear that they were having a good time and I was the cause.

The women need to seem enthralled just by being in your company. More pictures like this but none like this or this or this.

Watch for body language. Juxtapose the vain shirtless selfies with a bio that tells about all the amazing hobbies, interests and accomplishments that represent you. Go as in depth as you can. Be cocky. Describe your life as the best thing since sliced bread. Why would this attractive, interesting, smart alpha want to spend time with a boring woman like me? And all this will come without you having to lift a finger. NOTE: DO NOT talk about how much money you make, your high-paying corporate job, your nice car, your big house, etc.

Only boast about YOU and things that can only be found within YOU.

“The Red Piller’s Guide to Online Dating”,How the mindsets from the Red Pill

The first thing to remember is that online dating is a numbers game. Plain and simple. The more women you contact the better your chances will be of finding a date. For example, let's say Early on their online dating can feel like too much no drama The summary has to get over four million other stories. Its a term made famous by The Matrix, but almost two decades after the AdEveryone Knows Someone Who's Met Online. Join Here, Browse For Free. Everyone Know Someone Who's Met Online. Start Now and Browse for blogger.com has been visited by 10K+ users in the past monthSimple Matching Process · Single Men & Women · % Satisfaction · Guaranteed DatesTypes: Singles Over 40, Seniors Dating, Mature Singles 8 rows ·  · September 15, upvotes. /r/ TheRedPill. TL;DR- This is a concise and heavily updated guide ... read more

I've had a couple tinder matches that never responded to me on okcupid HB and there are many more s which are nonexistent on cupid. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. What does servant leadership mean when it comes to dating and relationships? A while back I lost my phone downtown. Let's say date 2 stands you up, no problem, you still have date 3. I usually say "a nice girl" which is both true and vague enough to not really mean anything. NOTE: I'm not implying that having pictures of you doing interesting things is a bad thing.

Let's say date 2 stands you up, no problem, you still have date 3, online dating red pill. I guess the main thing I'm lacking, and would require advice on, is how to bring the chat from hi how are you and worthless small talk to an actual date. You asked in a clarifying way that merits a concise and rigid answer. You will be using their strategy against them. sometimes you can answer right away. Also I should note - I never get flakes.