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Tibia online release date

9 Oldest MMO Games in the World,General Information

Tibia is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) released in , developed and published by CipSoft. It is one of the earliest and longest-running MMORPGs, with its popularity peaking in It is a free game to download and play, though players may pay to upgrade to a  See more Tibia Tibia - Free Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game - MMORPG  · Release Date Summary Changes Alpha January 07, Public launch of Tibia. Tibia was publicly launched with a small amount of content. Alpha The final release of the old version 6 client in preparation of the new client. Link to the Official Announcement. Update , August 23, A patch to test the new version 7 client's ... read more

Client version which supports multiple game worlds. Guilds become officially supported in Tibia, and Premium players can now get a Vocation promotion for their characters.

New spells are added. A small game patch to fix a problem that caused the client to crash. The final release of the old version 6 client in preparation of the new 7. A patch to test the new version 7 client's automatic updating, prior to its formal release.

Updates include new graphics, the introduction of the VIP List, the introduction of the Safe Trade feature, and the introduction of the Chat Channels like Game-Chat , Trade-Channel.

Eight individual male and female character outfits were introduced. The Logout Block is extended and mages may no longer Summon more than two monsters, which will disappear if the mage logs off or dies.

A feature is added so you can ignore private messages and yells. A few bugfixes. Introduction of the city of Venore , expansion of Rookgaard and the introduction of the Oracle. Magical items such as Rings and Amulets are introduced. The Deathlist on player's account profiles is added as is the ability for premium players to open a Private Chat Channel.

The client now automatically connects to a login server; previously, players had to type in the network address manually. The Ghostlands near Carlin are introduced, as well as updates to Orc Fort. New outfits for Premium players and smarter monsters are introduced.

The new Quest system is introduced with this update, which allows each character to get each quest item only once. The Skull System appears with this update, limiting player-killing on PvP worlds. This is also the first appearance of Tutors and the Help Channel. Finally, the Amulet of Life is removed from the game, becoming Broken Amulets.

The Amulet of Loss replaces this item. A few bugfixes and minor changes to monster behavior. Test server client. Preparation for 7. Automatic Banishment is added to the Skull System for players who make too many unjustified kills on PvP worlds.

The Party system is introduced. A few new Houses and Quests are also added. A minor forum update of the website. From now on account numbers may contain 6 or 7 digits.

New Graphics! The continent of Darama is expanded, and the city of Ankrahmun rises out of the southern desert. A host of new monsters are introduced. Automatic Spam control is implemented in-game, including the ability to post messages in Trade-Channel only once every two minutes.

The long-awaited ability to buy and sell more than one item at a time is also introduced. People can test features that will be in Tibia in 7. New Quests and Dungeons are added in the desert near Ankrahmun. Random Raids or Invasions are implemented, and Rats and Orcs are seen overrunning Thais.

The Login queue is introduced to help Free Account players access the game. Many new decorations for houses are introduced, including items like Tapestries that can be hung on house walls for the first time. A few bugfixes were made. Also, if you log out, your character list will now disappear after 30 seconds, to help prevent hacking.

Client Bugfixes. The huge jungle area known as Tiquanda and its main city of Port Hope are introduced for Premium account players. The city is surrounded by settlements of dangerous monsters, including Banuta , Chor and Trapwood. Mighty Hydras roam parts of the jungle, waiting to take explorers unaware. Free Account players can explore the new and mysterious Dark Cathedral near Plains of Havoc , where Bandits , Assassins , Dark Monks and more are waiting for them.

Worms are introduced with this update; you must have some in your inventory in order to fish. Soul Points are also introduced with this update, to help control cheating. Other improvements include Furniture that you buy in parcels no more kicking large tables up the streets! and the Anti- Luring feature that causes monsters pulled too far from their spawn point to vanish.

Spears "break" and disappear with this update; however, to help compensate, Small Stones , Throwing Knives and Throwing Stars can be reused they used to vanish immediately upon use. Major Game Update: Tibia 7. A technical update in preparation for the coming Christmas update. The durability of Spears , Small Stones , Throwing Knives and Throwing Stars is increased. Spell Runes become available in NPC shops. Technical Update. This is a huge graphics update, with many of the graphics being refreshed and redone.

Lighting effects are added. The Magic System is changed dramatically, with the rate of Mana regeneration speeding up 4x from before the update.

The amount of mana required for spells is adjusted accordingly. The ability to cast Spells is changed from a Magic Level based requirement to a Level requirement. Wands and Rods are introduced for mages. All letters, tags and writable papers now show the name of the last character to edit them. The Linux client is no longer supported by Cip as of this update. Major Game Update 7. Players can test on 2 worlds GER:Testa and USA:Testera support for DirectX 9.

Public Test Server Open. Technical update. From now Tibia officially supports DirectX 9. Also the white list was introduced to block players not on your white list to send you messages and option that you can set incoming message to show on game window or only on chat channel. Also, a new report feature has been implemented for Senior Tutors , making it possible for the STs to report statements from all the public channels directly to the Customer Support.

Minor Client Update. Fixed technical problems with new graphics engines. Fixed technical problems with the automap and autowalk. Solutions for Faulty Automaps. Many graphics of outfits , items , NPCs and creatures have been updated with outfit addons being implemented into the game. More realism has been added to the maps with shops having signs next to their entrances. Added the stamina system. The Shattered Isles , some new creatures, the ability to hotkey the use of objects and aim runes at others using the battle window have been implemented as well.

Some minor bug fixes, among them the display error of Premium Account days in the client. The handling of the automatic character deletion has been changed. Now all characters on Free Accounts are deleted if they are not used within a period of n months where n is equal to their level.

Characters of level 20 or higher are no longer excepted. Also, once an account has not been used for 2 years all characters on it are deleted regardless of their level. Various Announcements. Official Linux client was released. Linux Tibia Client Released. Ab'dendriel received a make-over and now all houses have solid tree-trunk walls.

The Pits of Inferno are now accessable, along with the dream challenge. Many difficult creatures were added including Wyvern , Juggernaut , Plaguesmith , Undead Dragon , Hand of Cursed Fate and many more. A questlog was implemented and players can now store their money in a bank. For the celebration of Tibia's 10th anniversary Party Items and special raids were added.

Tibia Celebrates 10th Birthday On Sunday. New icy areas, including Grimlund , Helheim , Hrodmir , Svargrond , Nibelor , Okolnir and Tyrsung. Also, many new melee and distance weapons were added, and new spells for both knights and paladins.

Major Game Update 8. Again vocation balancing was a big part of the update. A few new quests, 21 new monsters and new NPCs were added. Also the whole element system was changed.

Sharing experience in a party and swimming were also included. Two new health potions came, one for paladin and one for knight. Giant spider shoots a new magic missile which can take around 70 damage. Demons became much faster, which makes it harder to stairhop them.

Tutorial Island south of Rookgaard for new players, new hunting grounds have been implemented with new monsters, many revamped areas and like Amazon Camp Venore and Orc Land.

Rookgard , Kazordoon and Darashia are with new look, along with new quests, new foods, many new items as new spellbooks, wands, rods, melee weapons, distance weapons, shields, armors and much others.

Alterations in creatures, drops and respawns. Anti-luring system around Amazon Camp Venore and the room of The Count was improved and many bugs in the map were fixed. Alterations in few creatures, Wisps was removed of entrance of Ab'Dendriel and other changes. It was minor update, like Update 7. Changes when you say trade to a NPC. Weight of items now shown in NPC trade and other changes.

New city Yalahar has been added, including areas: Fenrock , Mistrock and Vengoth , along with new quests, outfits, spells and monsters. The death penalty is reduced and blessings changed to fit for all levels. Each blessing reduces your item loss resulting in five blessings acting as an amulet of loss.

The maximum stamina limit is reduced from 56 to 42 hours and the regeneration changed. A new 2-second-delay for fighting after changing floor level or teleporting etc is added stairhopping without getting hit is no longer possible.

An experience counter is added. The new Privacy Policy becomes effective and there are some bugfixes. Revamp of Carlin , Thais and Edron , and several caves have their looks improved. New quests, equipment, events, and new hunting grounds, were implemented. A new channel, the server log, show the damage and loot messages, among others. New bosses like The Many , The Noxious Spawn and others. Existing bosses, like Demodras or The Horned Fox , have alternative raid locations have been added that make them more difficult to find.

The monster balancing has been improved by changing the loot, behaviour, experience, and strength of several Tibian creatures like, for example, Water Elementals , Wisps , Werewolves , Fire Devils , Goblins , and many more. Medusa is a new and powerful monster. This small patch includes better security measures concerning copying and pasting links ingame. The update caused some clients to crash. This small patch just fixes what went wrong in the last patch, Update 8. Added war system.

World type realignment. Added world transfer island, Travora. Added new land, Zao. All players are now able to report character names. Premium players can now enjoy two happy hours. If a character has 14 or less hours of stamina left then the loot of the monster gets destroyed. Characters that are banished now get kicked out of the game within a narrow time frame. Added new shortcut to PoI Quest.

All players are now able to report illegal public statements ingame and players suspected of using unofficial software to play. Also some content fixes had been made on the previous day's server save. Zao has been expanded. Runes and potions are now stackable. Report system has been extended. Beholders changed to Bonelords. Water elementals now have corpses. Also included some bug fixes and new sprites.

Changes in Tibia Rules , revamped Outlaw Camp , Drefia and Hellgate. New tasks and World Quests. Mounts and spell cooldowns were added. Implementation of the English Chat channel and Game Codes.

Revamped the account management page at the Tibia website. Players who have never bought premium time or paid for an extra service will only be able to post on the public Tibia boards with a character of at least level Players will be able to report signatures as well as forum posts. The Inventory of a character was adjusted: each slot will be reserved for one type of equipable item players will no longer be able to put any type of item in the former hand and arrow slots.

More information is shown at the Server Log such as healed hitpoints. This patch addresses a couple of issues that came up with the spring patch. A console option to show or hide status messages which originate from other creatures and characters is added. Implementation of a fix for the Mad Sheep issue. A character will only be able to summon a mad sheep about twice a day. Characters in protection zone will be able to remove a mad sheep by using one of the following items on it: Shovel , Rope , Light Shovel , Elvenhair Rope , Whacking Driller of Fate , Squeezing Gear of Girlpower or Sneaky Stabber of Eliteness.

An area of The Repenters Quest tasks was adjusted to avoid respawn blocking. Teleporters to the Grizzly Adams bosses of Killing in the Name of Quest are now Protection Zone. Major Updates Minor Updates Patch Updates.

Spring Updates Summer Updates Autumn Updates Winter Updates. Version 5 Version 6 Version 7 Version 8 Version 9 Version 10 Version 11 Version Categories : Updates Major Updates. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

Universal Conquest Wiki. Follow on IG TikTok Join Fan Lab. This update brought the first version of the current website, as well as many graphical changes. Several areas were newly created or restructured and named by a few map editors: Elven Town Ab'Dendriel by Knightmare Fields of Glory by Tekvorian Ghostlands by Falke Femor Hills by Wastl and Conaria Reokon's Tundra , northwest of Carlin by Cohen the Barbarian Ice Islands by Feanor Mad Mage Valley by Hammerfall The Snake Stone , cave south of Thais by Niehoff Green Claw Swamp by Aureus Stone Wood , woods near the orcs Alara Ulderek's Rock was expanded by Muesli.

Guilds can now be created and joined to on Tibia. New areas: Dark Pyramid Drefia Darashia Rotworm Caves Ghostship Updates to Kazordoon Mad Mage Valley updated Dwarf Mines were expanded outside of Kazordoon Kazordoon Minotaurs new area Paradox Tower new area Updates to Plains of Havoc New Cyclops cave with quest Minotaurs added. See Old Sprites for version comparisons. The city of Yalahar was added, as well as the islands of Vengoth , Mistrock , Fenrock.

Crystalline Armor and Swamplair Armor are now sellable to Rashid for 16,gp. Roshamuul - an island containing hunting grounds as well as Depot , shops and a bank. Dream Warden Outfits Umbral Creation , the method of obtaining Umbral Items.

Smooth walking animations implemented for all mounts and tameable creatures. Ruprecht now trades some new items for Christmas Tokens.

The Tibia website background artwork was changed to a new, Roshamuul -themed one. The continent of Oramond was implemented, with its city Rathleton Glooth Engineer Outfits were added.

Many animations were improved. Additions to Oramond : Rathleton Quest : a new rank Squire which opens up the new combat-heavy Hero of Rathleton Quest. Several new missions added to the Oramond Quest.

New guild features. The Tibia website background artwork was changed to a new one. New item functions: Cobra Tongue used in the Lion's Rock Quest Small Amethyst used in the Lion's Rock Quest Small Ruby used in the Lion's Rock Quest Small Sapphire used in the Lion's Rock Quest Small Topaz used in the Lion's Rock Quest Honeycomb used in The Cursed Crystal Quest Green Crystal Splinter used in The Cursed Crystal Quest Flask of Embalming Fluid used in The Cursed Crystal Quest Petrified Scream used in The Cursed Crystal Quest Piece of Crocodile Leather used in the Oramond Quest Shrimp used in the Glooth Factory Quest Mind Stone used in the Twenty Miles Beneath the Sea Quest Lyre used in the Glooth Factory Quest Special Flask Holy Water used in the Glooth Factory Quest The Bank in Venore has some water leakage Dropping Water in the south-eastern corner because there is a small lake on the floor above.

Also the jail room of Sylvester. Many sprite changes. The Store is introduced along with its currency Tibia Coins. Mount -specific achievements for mounts tameable in-game inspired by this proposal. Gnomission , Grizzly Adams , and Rashid now buy a larger variety of items inspired by this proposal. You can no longer sell items to your own characters on The Market.

The teleporters to the Demonwar Crypt and Fazzrah have been moved so that they can be accessed easier. Edron Grimvale , a new island near Edron inhabited by Were-Creatures. You can travel there by boat from here Old Fortress Heroes , located here Forgotten Tomb , located here Edron Vampire Crypt , located here Ferngrims Gate Poacher Caves Mini World Change located here Green Claw Swamp Tainted Caves , here. Skinning and Dusting will become possible instantly upon killing a creature inspired by this proposal.

A global depot with 17 city-specific boxes accessible from every individual depot will be implemented inspired by this proposal. The character world transfer process is becoming simpler and less restrictive. An arena system will be implemented, making it possible to have PvP -fights for fun without suffering a death penalty. Depots are now global. Each Depot Chest will contain 17 Depot Boxes which each correspond to a different city's depot.

You can open all of them from any Depot. This also applies to Depot Chests found in Guildhalls. The depot, as in all 17 Depot Boxes, can store a combined total of 2, items Free Accounts or up to 10, items Premium Accounts.

Travora will exist solely as a platform to facilitate Character World Transfers. The depot on the island is to be removed, but the depot itself will exist in every other town as Depot Box XIII. True Heart of the Sea : no longer transitions from red to blue automatically, but instead must be used to cause the change.

Seven high level hunting grounds, one for each of The Ruthless Seven. The Seven are not encountered in these dungeons, but a strong minion will make its presence. An entirely new desert island north of Oramond called Krailos and inhabited by fierce Ogres. Vortices can now appear all over the world through which one can enter an otherworld where the forces work in a strange manner. It is a World Change. You need to enter these vortices to complete challenges and eventually save the world.

They can appear in the Kha'labal desert here , on the Zao Steppe here , or on the Formorgar Glacier here. The new weapons that are implemented can be charged temporarily with new item effects: Critical Hits , Hit Points Leech , and Mana Leech. Any new accesories can now get implemented with up to two permanent skill boosts. Premium players no longer need to bring any money to pay for services or wares, as the concerned NPCs now deducts any money missing from their inventory from their Bank Account.

Monster Arenas were implemented. You can now view your Speed in the Skills Window. Also, hovering over boosted skills will tell you their base value and the boost that applies. Every time you use a mana potion a number will now appear indicating how much mana you just gained. The colour of the number indicating how much health you gained from a health potion was changed to red.

A total of 6 new mounts were added to the game. This update released Tibia 11 officially. Tibia 11 was releasesed and became the official client. At this point, this were the features: Similar to the Flash Client , Tibia 11 allows you to assign and customise hotkeys all over your keyboard for fast and easy use.

Please note: There are two chat modes for each hotkey set in Tibia Chat On and Chat Off. Upon your first login via Tibia 11 after the release on September 13, the mode Chat On will be active. Further info on custom key bindings and chat modes in Tibia 11 can be found here.

The options menu has been redesigned. Due to the technical differences between Tibia 11 and client version 10 , the stand-alone client now features a new font rendering to produce a clearer and more legible typeface.

Similar to the Tibia Flash client, you can see a picture of an item next to its name in the NPC trade window and in the Market. In NPC conversations, you can click on highlighted key words just like in the Tibia Flash client. Offer lists in the Market are more neatly arranged. You can move the minimap in all directions via mouse drag. Sliders e. split stack slider jump to the point you click on instead of only moving by The display of cooldowns has been tweaked a bit. For example: You see the cooldown of each spell even if this cooldown is not displayed in the current client version e.

for support spells. It can be deactivated via general options in the options menu. The tutorial and the left smartclick are also available in Tibia If left smartclick is activated, your character will perform the most obvious action if you click on a field. Depending on whether or not a creature or an item is placed on a field, the smartclick will let your character walk to the field, attack the monster or player on it, use or look at an item on it, or address the NPC on it with "Hi" if possible.

A quest involving the rebuilding of the temple of the gods, north of Thais , the Halls of Hope which includes teleporters to six dungeons related to six elements; Introduction of a new enchanting system called Imbuing , i.

e the ability to augment certain equipment with elemental damage, elemental protection, skill boosts including speed , critical hit, hit points leech and mana leech.

There'll be 63 different imbuements. This bonus can be a boost of the damage dealt, a reduction of the damage taken, a boost of experience or a boost in loot ; Tibian bank transfers automatic money deduction from bank account also available for free account players. Standardised deduction of gold payments: gold is first deducted from containers in your inventory, then from your Gold Pouch if you bought one for your character , and finally, from your Bank Account.

Some non-regularly-spawning subsets of specific creatures received a unique name in order to acknowledge their spawning differences compared to the original, such as Squidgy Slimes and Angry Demons. The Mouthpiece for a Horn can now only be obtained every 24 hours instead of every 30 minutes. In addition, both the Crude Horn of Bone and the Crude Horn with Mouthpiece will now expire after 24 hours.

Changes on the official website: Character pages: If a character owns a house, house name will be a clickable link to the house's page on the corresponding game world. Improved character view in Account Management page: If a character owns a house or is member of a guild, this information will be displayed below its name in the Characters section. Guild and house names will be clickable links that lead to the corresponding page in the community section of the website.

Change Character Information page: Guild and house will also be displayed, with clickable links, under Character Data section. Additionally, a new section called Guild Applications will list all guild applications of the corresponding character. Highscores page revamp: Additionally to the game world filter, the Highscores page has now vocation and category filters.

The new vocation filter counts with all , No Vocation , Druids , Knights , Paladins and Sorcerers. Before, players would first select the game world and would be redirected to the Experience Points ranking. They would have to, then, select the desired highscores category, if it wasn't Experience Points.

New summons: Skullfrost , Emberwing , Grovebeast and Thundergiant. Spells New spells: Conjure Wand of Darkness , Conjure Diamond Arrow , Conjure Spectral Bolt , Summon Emberwing , Summon Grovebeast , Summon Skullfrost and Summon Thundergiant. Removed spells: Conjure Bolt , Conjure Sniper Arrow , Conjure Piercing Bolt , Conjure Poisoned Arrow , Conjure Power Bolt and Enchant Staff replaced by Conjure Wand of Darkness.

Revamped spell: Challenge. Challenged creatures now target caster for at least 6 seconds and do not run away during this time. Mana cost changed from 30 to New quests New quest involving 7 different cults: Cults of Tibia Quest.

The cult leaders have approximately the same level of difficulty as the Heart of Destruction Quest bosses. The strength of all cultists is comparable with Astral Shapers from the Forgotten Knowledge Quest. Quest: Threatened Dreams Quest. Implementation of Daily Rewards which are obtained through using reward shrines found in temples, depots or, when bought in the Store , in houses and guildhalls.

Players can also get daily rewards through Store's Instant Reward Access regardless of where they are in the map. Improved the day-night cycle.

New game world type: Retro Hardcore PvP. Removal of Enchanting and Charging Weapons systems. All previously chargeable and most of the enchantable weapons will receive imbuement slots. New monsters drop enchanted gems since they are still be needed to enchant Rainbow Shield and Worn Firewalker Boots.

Cillia now sells replications of enchanted and charged weapons for gp each. The four Elemental Shrines are now used during the Threatened Dreams Quest. Gold Tokens can be used to purchase creature products needed for the vampirism Vampire Teeth , Bloody Pincers , Piece of Dead Brain , the void Rope Belt , Silencer Claws , Some Grimeleech Wings or the strike imbuements Protective Charm , Sabretooth , Vexclaw Talon from Yana.

Base Gold Token Weapons got imbuement slots and had their stats improved. New Analytics Features: Cyclopedia , Loot Analyser , Supply Analyser , Impact Analyser , XP Analyser , Hunting Session Analyser , Drop Tracker and Quest Tracker. A new fairy-themed island: Feyrist. Jewelry Shopkeeper NPCs now buy small enchanted gems. New sprites for Blood Crab and Deepsea Blood Crab.

Jorge now gives Cateroide's Doll Replica , Draken Doll Replica , Mathmaster Shield Replica and TibiaHispano Emblem Replica in exchange for Silver Raid Tokens. Fireproof Horn , Heavy Old Tome and String of Mending can now be traded in the Market. New background artwork for Tibia. com, see it here. New login screen for Tibia 11 , see it here. Three new Warzones - Warzone 4 , Warzone 5 and Warzone 6 - were implemented as part of the Dangerous Depths Quest. Players who have already reached the maximum rank of the Bigfoot's Burden Quest have an easier access to the new warzones.

Expansion of existing questlines and hunting places, such as the Corym Caves Hidden Threats Quest and Grimvale The Curse Spreads. Imbuing system: Imbuing slots were added to Umbral and Umbral Master Weapons. Two slots to two-handed umbral masters weapons, and one slot to umbral weapons and the remaining umbral masters weapons. Umbral weapons can only be imbued with basic imbuements while umbral master weapons can be imbued with intricate and powerful imbuements.

New imbuements that increases the character's capacity - Basic Featherweight , Intricate Featherweight and Powerful Featherweight - were added for Containers. It is now possible to imbue equipped items. Formerly chargeable weapons were unified.

For example, the Rod of Mayhem , Rod of Carving and Rod of Remedy will become the same weapon, called Rod of Destruction. All others have been unchanged. From this update on, all players that dealt damage to a creature have the respective kill counter in kill tasks such as those from the Killing in the Name of Quest increased, as long as they are in a Party with highest damage-dealer and shared experienced is enabled.

Implementation of the Quick Looting feature. The client is now able to remember the position of opened backpacks and windows in the sidebars.

Sections Bestiary and Charms were added to Cyclopedia. In the Bestiary , you can check creature details. A certain amount of kills is required to unlock each of the three detail stages for each entry. Unlock all three stages to complete a Bestiary entry. Each completed Bestiary entry grants you a certain amount of Charm Points. A charm grants you a specific bonus over the selected creature. There are offensive, defensive and passive charms. A Bestiary entry can only have one charm assigned simultaneously.

To detach a charm from an entry, you have to pay a gold fee. The removal costs are calculated by times your character level. Free account players can assign up to 2 charms to different entries at the same time, while premium account players can assign 6 charms. A permanent possibility to assign all of your unlocked charms at the same time called Charm Expansion can be purchased via the Store for Tibia Coins. New login screen, see it here. Captain Charles in Port Hope offers cheaper boat trips to Thais , Edron , Liberty Bay or Yalahar.

However, you might get caught in a storm and end up on a random, secluded island. The castle of the long-forgotten Order of the Falcon was found deeply carved into the mountain near Edron. A new ancient site under Darama Desert is protected by powerful and complicated mechanisms. A strange portal was discovered during the extension of the Museum of Tibian Arts.

This portal work as a passage for sinister creatures into the museum. The Asura Palace is expanded, with new creatures, a new quest and a new miniboss. Somewhere in a Lost Temple at Tiquanda , the Deeplings -descendants Deathlings are gathering. Implementation of an automatic screenshot feature which takes and saves screenshots of special events like a death, a player kill or a character level up.

A new status bar can be activated in the HUD submenu of the options menu. It can be placed left, right, above or beyond your game window and displays bigger health and mana bars. Many new creatures and a new creature difficulty category harmless have been added to the Bestiary. Each creature entry now shows the rarity of a creature. Based on their difficulty, completed entries of "Very Rare" creatures provide 5 Harmless , 10 Trivial , 30 Easy , 50 Medium or Hard Charm Points.

A new premium feature called Supply Stash will be accessible via the lockers in the depots. All stackable items which are tradeable via the Market except those bought via the Store and Tibia Coins can be stowed into the Supply Stash.

The Supply Stash offers filtering methods and a search bar to find items more quickly. Items that are taken out of the stash are sorted into the different loot containers of the player's inventory according to the individually set loot container rules. The Supply Stash is connected to Imbuing Shrines. Stocked Creature Products are therefore automatically taken from the stash if you only have an insufficient number of the required creature products in your inventory.

Standing on a Glowing Tile allows you to open the preselected Market interface of an item when you click on "Show in Market" in the item's context menu. The mystical library of Zathroth is implemented. Its guards are more powerful than any monster found before. There are five boss battles which can be repeated every 20 hours. A new outfit and mount can be obtained here. The Cyclopedia Map offers a "discover" feature that places several Points of Interest in a subarea.

In order to fully discover a subarea, you will have to find seven of them. Fully discover enough subareas of an area to unlock additional markers and information for that area like NPC markers, passage markers and notations for upcoming raids.

Additional changes: Changes in the A Pirate's Death to Me event: The Spectral Scums are no longer to be found in the respective cities but outside the gates of the cities.

The Bestiary now also lists loot that only drops during special events e. Coloured Eggs. If the event is currently not active, the respective loot icon is grayed out. The name of the killed monster is now included in the cooperative loot Reward Chest message. In addition, long item lists in those messages should no longer be cut off since the maximum character restriction was raised.

All monsters from the Bestiary were be added to the Prey System Creature List. The Cyclopedia was be expanded once more and received a new tab called Character. This tab displays a detailed overview of the character's current stats, including the total elemental protection the character currently has, skills without the Loyalty Bonus , recent Deaths and PvP kills as well as a sortable list of all non-secret and already obtained secret Achievements.

It also became possible to click on the Cyclopedia Map to walk around the map, with the same restrictions the Minimap have. NPC filters were be added to the Supply Stash in order to allow a more granular sorting mechanism. Items like gems or roses became stackable so they can be stowed into the Supply Stash. Click here for a complete list of all items changed.

Items are now displayed with different coloured frames or corners which allows you to identify the approximate value of the item at a glance. Each item is highlighted in the respective colour in the loot message as well. This feature can be disabled in the client options. During each server save circle, one of Tibia's monsters is now randomly drawn and receives a boost which doubles its XP, loot and respawn rate for that day.

Afterwards the monster has a cooldown of 30 days before it can receive the boost bonus again. A new island will be accessible between December 22 and January 10 server save. Defeating its boss grants access to a new outfit and a taming item for a new mount. New utilities and effects were implemented to properly celebrate new year's eve actually implemented a few days before the update was released.

From now on, from January 07 till January 10, Tibia's birthday will be celebrated. During this time you can visit Nostalgia Island again where you can hunt monsters with the old monster sprites, dig for treasures or knock down cans. The Pinata Dragons will also be spawning everywhere. New imbuements that have a chance to remove a character's paralysis - Basic Vibrancy , Intricate Vibrancy and Powerful Vibrancy - were added for Boots. The cooldown for shooting Paralyse Runes was changed from 2 to 6 seconds.

The website received a new section called Event Schedule. Valuable items were added to the loot of the following bosses: Lokathmor , Gorzindel , Mazzinor , Ghulosh and The Scourge of Oblivion. The client login interface was changed: The character selection window now displays the character's outfit, vocation and level as well as the game world type. Hidden character can be filtered out from the character selection window. New major city, Issavi , located on the island of Kilmaresh.

You can travel to Issavi taking the boat from Venore , Krailos and Oramond , as well as taking the Magic Carpet from Darashia.

Grave Danger Quest : new quest in which you have to defeat 5 bosses to gain access to a final boss and receive a new outfit as reward. Kilmaresh Quest : explore the new island and complete missions for the NPCs to receive the taming item of a Gryphon. You now have the option to hide some Server Log Channel messages, and a new system to prevent server message spam on the Game Window was released.

It became possible to search for items inside your Locker. After searching for an item, you can see each individual stack of it and navigate to the container they are in, move them to another container or stow them.

New client feature: the Friend Lists. Here, you are be able to add friends based on the name of their Main Character. Friends can see each others online status, last login, account status, loyalty title, list of unhidden characters and character summary, all within the client and regardless of the game world they are from. Badges was implemented.

Badges are account-based accomplishments that you can display to your friends and on the character page. Badges can be received based on the account age, loyalty points, the sum of character levels, or tournaments. Titles are similar to badges, but character-based. There are titles for monster kills in combination with the Cyclopedia, quests you have done for mounts or outfits, the amount of ingame gold you have, levels you have reached, experience wise as well as skill levels, titles referring to your guild function, or titles that are connected to highscores, tournaments etc.

A new widget, the Party List will be implemented. Using this widget players are able to keep track of their Party's members Health and Mana, as well as filter and sort them, similar to the Battle Window. The Battle Window was upgraded. It is now possible to open multiple Battle Windows, name them as you please and filter them with the existing filters as well as with Vocation filters.

New main questline, the Feaster of Souls Quest New widget for the Analytics Selector , the Party Hunt Analyser allows players to see the supplies, loot, damage and healing done of the whole Party during a Hunting Session. The Bestiary Tracker is a new widget that helps players keep track of their Bestiary progress without opening the main window.

Improvements in the Character Selection window, which can now have pinned characters. You can also select a character by typing parts of its name. The Prey System is expanded with the Prey Hunting Tasks , which gives players the opportunity to kill creatures in exchange for points that can be traded for an outfit, a mount or decorative items.

Due to the large number of Control Buttons near the inventory, these buttons can now be hidden in the main settings menu, allowing players to only display the buttons they use often. New quest: The Order of the Lion Quest , which takes places in Bounac , and isle situated between Thais and Meriana. The quest is centered on the Order of the Lion creatures such as the Lion Knight and its bosses may drop new mid-level level to items.

The quest is the final one on the trilogy of the Ancient Orders of King Xenom. The difficulty range of this place is similar to that of the Falcons. Expansion of the Grimvale Quest with addition of the An Ancient Feud mission. The story takes place in new areas in Darashia related to the werecurse with new were-creatures such as Werehyaenas and Werelions. The new monsters are a bit stronger than werebears and wereboars. New main questline, the Soul War Quest.

Go deeper into Zarganash to find five new areas meant for high level players over level Beating the final boss will be especially rewarding, since new best-in-slot items will be introduced. Each of the hunting grounds has its own mechanics and requires you to overcome challenges specific to the area before you can face the boss of that hunting ground. Some of the new monsters have special tricks up their sleeve. The monsters in each hunting ground attack with two kinds of elements: Claustrophobic Inferno : Monsters attack with death and fire.

Rotten Wasteland : Monsters attack with earth and holy. Ebb and Flow : Monsters attack with ice and earth. Furious Crater : Monsters attack with energy and holy. Mirrored Nightmare : Monsters attack with holy and ice. There will be a new Bestiary difficulty level called "challenging".

Details stages of challenging entries will be revealed once a player kills , and monsters respectively of its kind. Completing the entry grants charm points for every ordinary not very rare challenging monster. The following three new Charms will be implemented: Divine Wrath : Offensive charm. Vampiric Embrace : Passive charm. This goes only into effect if life leech is already active through equipped items. Void's Call : Passive charm. This goes only into effect if mana leech is already active through equipped items.

Highscore Extension: The highscore section on the official website will have a filter option which will make it able to compare players across all game worlds.

The stats will be updated hourly. New categories: Charm Points: This category will show how many points a player has earned so far, no matter whether the charm points have been spent or not.

Goshnar's Taint: New category for the new Zarganash bosses. Killing one of the five normal bosses yields one point, slaying the final boss results in ten points given. It will be possible to check the Highscores via the client. Your character will be highlighted in the ranking. There will be new Character Titles related to the new highscore categories. It will be possible to import and export Client Settings from now on.

Team Finder : New feature to find and assemble teams for hunts and quests. In the Manage Loot Containers you can now see what items you have declared Accepted Loot and which ones are Skipped Loot.

You can also easily remove items from that list again and jump directly to the item's entry in the Cyclopedia. New creatures, the Pirats , which are similar in strength to the Perchts and Schiachs from the Winterlight Solstice event. Besides having their own lair, it is expected that Pirats will invade shores. It is still unconfirmed if such invasions will took place only on new shores. Apparently, the new questline involving Pirats will be started at a new NPC, Eustacio , who will be found in a new shop in Venore.

New islands, Rascacoon and The Wreckoning , with a distinctly tropical flair. New equipment items as well as a new outfit Rascoohan Outfits and mount Krakoloss. On the first server save of each month, each character will receives one daily reward joker which can be used to compensate for one server save cycle during which the daily reward has not been collected. The maximum amount of daily reward jokers a character can have is three. The amount of jokers someone has will be displayed in the Reward Wall.

The character selection will receive a new column which shows whether the daily reward has been already collected since the last server save. New analyser feature: Damage Input Analyser will provide a detailed overview of the received damage listing total damage per type and source. Similarly to the Input Analyser, the Impact Analyser will also provide information about caused damage per type.

Highscores on the website and in the client can now be filtered by world type and BattlEye status. Quick Looting Extension: It will be possible to quick loot a stack of up to 30 corpses on the same map field with a single click. Similarly to Outfits , certain future new Mounts will be colourised in the "Customise Character" dialog. New Familiars which are basically Mighty Summons outfits.

The familiar that will be summoned can be viewed and selected in the "Customise Character" dialog. The familiars that a character owns can be viewed in the character tab of the Cyclopedia , under "Appearances". They will also be displayed in the Char Bazaar. Mighty Summons which were named after the first 4 familiars now received generic names. In addition to the old Exercise Weapons , there will be now "durable" and "lasting" versions of them. Characters will not be logged out due to inactivity when using them.

Two new ordinary Achievements and one new secret achievement. New quest which takes places in Bounac and underneath it with creatures similar in strength to those of the Kilmaresh Catacombs. In order to start this quest, it is required to have finished The Order of the Lion Quest.

Two new areas added to Kilmaresh , Ruins of Nuur and Salt Caves. No previous quest required to access it. The Kilmaresh Quest was expanded and received two new missions: Wanted and Aspiring Oracle. New quest Too Hot to Handle involving the gnomes and "Those Below" continuing the lore of the Dangerous Depths Quest implemented with the Winter Update Such quest will require players to engage in repeatable missions, like digging their way through a lava wall while keeping monsters and their heat level in check.

The more missions are made, more the "crystal shield" is upgraded and more areas one can visit and the longer one can hunt. The difficulty range of this new area is similar to that of the Asura Vaults. A new world boss which appears about twice a year: The Abomination. Ten teleporters placed all over Tibia lead to ten different rooms. In four randomly chosen rooms, a mini boss will appear in each.

All four mini bosses have to be defeated for teleporters to appear which take you to the final boss. Only Premium players can enter the teleporters. Its strength is expected to be similar to Gaz'haragoth. Two new houses in Issavi : Marketplace 3 here and Hanging Gardens 1 here.

Citizen of Issavi Outfits are now available to players. New types of items modifiers were be implemented: Specialised Magic Levels : items will be able to receive a magic level modifier for specific elements, e. Possible elements include Fire, Earth, Energy, Ice, Holy, Death and Healing. Cleave : on weapons with this modifier, the melee attacks will also cause damage to creatures adjacent to the main target and the player called secondary targets , as shown below.

A weapon with e. Charms and leeches will not be triggered on secondary targets. Secondary targets with damage reflection also reflect the Cleave damage back to the player. Targets positioning: Secondary target. A number of quality-of-life improvements that ease and assist gameplay. A new bit of map in service of one of the new feature: the Exaltation Forge, located at the north part of the Adventurers' Guild.

Two new variants of common creatures: Influenced creatures have a low chance to spawn in place of a regular monster and are stronger versions of the standard version of that creature. They can carry one to five stacks which gives them increased damage and maximum health. Each stack may result in one to three dust when killing an influenced monster. The loot chance of dust is independent of any kind of loot bonuses.

How many stacks a creature has is indicated below their name in the game window. Fiendish creatures are even stronger creatures which carry both dust and slivers. Fiendish monsters are considerably rarer than influenced monsters. The direction of the nearest fiendish creature can be obtained by casting the new spell Find Fiend.

A fiendish monster always has 15 stacks. The amount of slivers they provide benefit from loot bonuses. Without any bonuses, fiendish monsters drop three to seven slivers. Fiendish monsters spawn as regular monsters and become fiendish afterwards. Only the following can be influenced or fiendish monsters: Monsters that have the "common" occurrence.

Monsters that are not part of a raid. Monsters that are not located on Dawnport , Rookgaard , Isle of Destiny , in boss lairs as well as in arenas. Monsters that carry no loot such as those from the " Harmless " difficulty cannot be fiendish, but they can be influenced.

Three new resources: In order to get dust , players or someone in their Party have to kill influenced or fiendish monsters. They also have to be Premium players. Since dust is not an item, it is not tradeable. The amount of dust a character can carry is limited to at first, however this can be increased to a maximum of by spending dust. Slivers are only obtained by defeating fiendish monsters or by converting dust at the Exaltation Forge.

At the same place, slivers can be converted into exalted cores. Unlike dust, slivers are items and can be traded with other players. Exalted Cores are items obtained by converting slivers at the Exaltation Forge. They have to be used to obtain the new permanent bonuses. Ruse : provides a chance of completely avoiding damage from an attack. Momentum : grants a chance every two seconds to reduce all existing spell cooldowns by two seconds if Logout Block aka battle sign is present. This affects individual spell cooldown and the secondary group cooldown, but not the primary group cooldown.

A new spell: Find Fiend indicates the direction of the nearest fiendish creature. If the nearest fiendish monster is derived from a creature for which a player has completed the bestiary entry, the spell Find Fiend will reveal the creature's difficulty. A new feature will be added to be supported in the XP Analyser and Hunt Analyser to remove any guesswork and manual calculation when figuring out how impactful bonuses are in your experience per hour.

A new red overlay option will be added to improve visual clarity when targeting a creature or player. It will be possible to alternate between using only the new red overlay, only the already existing red frame around the target, or both. New Outfit: Royal Costume Outfits The outfit are available from Percybald in Carlin and Alyxo in Issavi. The base outfit costs a sum of 15, Silver Tokens and 12, Gold Tokens , and 7, silver tokens and 6, gold tokens for each addon.

Purchashing the outfit will secure you a spot on the memorial, just like when purchasing the Golden Outfit. Acquiring the full outfit will unlock you the Admirer of the Crown title as well. In order to allow carrying the huge sums, silver and gold tokens weight were reduced from 0.

A new option to randomise mounts in the "Customise Character" window. By ticking this checkbox, one of your mounts will be randomly selected once you mount. In general, if a character was mounted before a transformation, they will now be remounted automatically after the transformation, if mounting is possible.

Additionally, the price limit for a Market offer was raised from ,, to ,,, New island south of Roshamuul , Marapur , which is inhabited by the Nagas. New hunting places with a difficulty level similar to Asura Palace , Lion Sanctum and Lower Roshamuul.

The second addon of the Discoverer Outfits are now available to players. Three new houses and one new guildhall. One new mount. New achievements. New decorative items. A new filter option for the Search Locker widget in which you can select trader NPCs like Rashid , the Djinns, as well as Esrik.

A search field will be available to search through all goods the NPCs have in stock. This feature can be hidden in case you want to. The limit of stackable items you buy or sell to NPCs will be raised from to 10, Additionally, you will be warned if you try to buy or sell something over times to avoid unforgiveable mistakes.

Items that have a certain amount of charges, or effects that last for a certain duration will receive an indicator to inform you about how much time or how many charges are left.

Duration of imbuements is not covered by this indicator. Health and mana arcs will now be adjustable and you will be able to set their opacity, the distance of the arcs, as well as between three different sizes.

A new hunting mechanic for creatures within Gnomprona: hazard system. A new colossal cavern discovered by the gnomes, Gnomprona Gnomcruiter has been sent to Noodles Academy of Modern Magic in Edron to look for skilled warriors of at least level who have shown their dedication to a cause by having made some progress in Marapur.

In terms of difficulty, Gnomprona starts on par with Secret Library. However, with the hazard system, primordial creatures get more and more dangerous and challenging the more they resonate with those who are out to hunt them, reaching difficulty levels beyond Soul War.

Access via Cormaya steamboat. New primordial creatures, some of them never seen before while others were believed extinct. New outfit, Fire-Fighter , and an achievement related to it. It rewards your character with useful benefits for making progress there. Each boss entry has three progress levels: Prowess , Expertise and Mastery. Unlocking a new progress level rewards the character with boss points.

Higher progress levels yield more boss points. The first boss slot is unlocked when unlocking Prowess for the very first time, while the second slot is be unlocked once you reach boss points. Expertise allows you to display the boss on a Podium of Vigour , in your house or guildhall, in a similar way that Podium of Renown displays outfits and mounts.

Your character will receive one free podium for unlocking Expertise for the very first time. Afterwards, you can buy additional podiums for gold at an NPC.

Equipment bonus loot chance is the chance to receive another set of equipment loot from the bosses in a boss slot. This can be increased further in the future if more boss points are made available i.

Major Updates include big changes and new features such as new continents and mechanics. They are usually released every 6 months in the form of Summer Updates and Winter Updates. Tibia was publicly launched with a small amount of content. First NPCs and Creatures are implemented as well as the ability to write on documents. Implementation of the Magic System , Vocations , Skills , Depots and the Mail System. This update brought the new city of Carlin and well as new creatures, weapons, gears, and outfit colors.

This update introduced many new areas, as well as the Citizenship system. This update introduced the Premium System , Edron and the Housing System. The second server Nova was introduced as well as the island of Cormaya and other areas. Introduced the Guilds System , vocation promotions and Gamemasters. This updated introduced the continent of Darama , and other areas were revised.

Introduced items with special attributes, Venore , private chat channels and tracking of deaths. Premium outfits, tutors, the skull system , and a quest system and a new area near Carlin were added. Ankrahmun was introduced as well as an automatic spam control system. The continent of Darama was extended by Tiquanda , measures against botters and macros were introduced, furniture packages, anti-luring and more. The magic system was revamped, adding wands and rods, faster mana regeneration and more, as well as graphical improvements.

The Shattered Isles , addons, improvements to the hotkey system, Stamina , skinning and dusting and the loot ownership system. This update had Ab'Dendriel revamped, Pits of Inferno and Dream Realm added as well as the Bank System and Quest Log implemented, among other improvements. New Ice Islands were added, Svargrond , vocation balancing changes and many new weapons.

Elemental damage was redesigned, vocation balancing changes and the party experience sharing system was added. This update introduces the NPC Chat, Tutorial Island , Kazordoon wagon system, and many old areas were revamped.

Yalahar was added, the party chat channel and party buffs. Many cities were revamped, the black skull was introduced, creature balancing changes, Marriage system, and more. The new continent Zao was added, the introduction of most creature products and many new items and creatures.

This update brought Achievements , stackatlbe runes and potions , a new area north of Zao. This update introduced Mounts , a new Cooldown system as well as other minor changes.

World Changes were introduced, new mounts and many new items were added. This update introduced the Market and changes to the Depot System. It also introduced Mini World Changes and new areas.

Gnome related areas and quest, Training Schools, some new houses and some new mini world changes were added to Tibia. This updated revamped Venore and its surronding areas. This also implemented some changes to the game's core mechanics.

This update introduced smoother walking animations, revamped Drefia and Ab'Dendriel and added many new raids. This update introduced The Spike , the reward system and improved creature AI. This update added Roshamuul , Umbral Creation , new riding animations, Dream Warden Outfits , among other things. A new continent was added: Oramond , with many new creatures, items and quest lines. This update added many guild features, additions to Oramond , new Lion's Rock area and more. This update introduced Tibia Coins , many new hunting areas, mount-specific achievements , more sellable items to NPCs and more.

This update introduced global depots, immediate skinning, new hunting areas, new items and a new PvP arena. This update added weapon charging , automatic payments from Bank Accounts , Monster Arena and and a new questline. This update featured a quest line requiring Tibians to build up the Halls of Hope , as well as the new game features Imbuing and the Prey System.

This update brought the implementation of Daily Reward System , removal of Enchanting and Charging , a new area called Feyrist.

This update introduced Warzones 4 to 6, Quick Looting , Bestiary , Charms and one new type of imbuement. This update brought the implementation of the Supply Stash , and new hunting grounds such as Falcon Bastion and Secret Library. This update introduced Vibrancy imbuements, a new login interface, coloured frames according to item values, and more. This update introduced Issavi , depot search, badges , titles and other client improvements.

This update brought the Netherworld , the Bestiary Tracker and other improvements to the Prey System. New major quest, the Soul War Quest , best in slot equipment , new charms, a Team Finder on the client and more. Implementation of Pirats , Daily Reward Joker, Damage Input Analyser , new highscores filters, Quick Looting Extension, Colourisable Mounts , new Familiars , Durable and Lasting Exercise Weapons. New major quest in Bounac , new area in Issavi , new warzones, new world boss, Tibiadrome and more.

Implementation of Marapur , some quality of life features and more. This encompasses all the content that was present at the time. TibiaWiki Explore. Main Page All Pages Community Interactive Maps. Quests Outfit Quests Access Quests Tibia Tales World Quests World Changes Mini World Changes.

Swords Axes Clubs Distance Ammunition Rods Wands. Helmets Armors Shields Spellbooks Legs Boots Amulets and Necklaces Rings Extra Slot. Druid Knight Paladin Sorcerer. Houses and Guildhalls Hunting Places Mounts Outfits Items NPCs Spells Keys Books Towns.

Game Features. Imbuing Blessings Loyalty Cyclopedia Equipment Upgrade Updates Major Updates Minor Updates Patches Spring Updates Summer Updates Autumn Updates Winter Updates. Achievements Prey System Daily Rewards Stamina Game Worlds Store. Mapper Outfiter Bestiary Simulator Calculators Armor Skills Character Stats. Recent Changes Current Projects Contact Admin Discord Server Getting Started Basic Editing TibiaWiki Articles Bosses Spawn Frequency Ligthbearer Analysis Delany Interviewed.

FANDOM Games Anime Movies TV Video. Explore Wikis Community Central. Don't have an account? in: Updates , Major Updates. Major Updates. View source. History Talk 0. Version Name Release Date Summary Changes 1. The following were implemented with this update: The first NPCs. The first Creatures. Papers and the ability to write permanent messages on them.

The third dimension. The following were implemented with this update: The Magic System with the first Spells and Runes. The four Vocations. Depot System. Mail System. The first amulets, rings and spell wands. Some new creatures. With this update, a more stable server, which took nearly one year to be written, was launched. The Main Continent 's has been greatly expanded. Additionally, a few new creatures and items were implemented. The following were implemented with this update: The city of Carlin.

Many new creatures. Some new items. New outfit colors. com was improved with a better structure and a brand-new forum. Many old graphics were replaced [1] : Many weapons, items and creatures by Mantus. Trees, bushes and stones by King Crimson. Elleshar and Ralgar works on CipSoft's list of missing objects.

Objects for an upcoming area by Aureus. Knightmare , Conaria, Wastl, Lomaxx, Apoc and many others on unpublished additional work. It is no longer possible to have multiple clients running on the same computer. The server has been moved to a new location, enabling better communication.

For security reasons, the password will no longer be saved in the preferences; it will be displayed for the last time when you start the new client. A new technique shall reduce the so called screen-bugs.

Game Worlds,Recently Added

Tibia Tibia was first released online in early and is free to play, but players can update to a paid premium account that offers special benefits. According to the official Tibia website, over The final release of the old version 6 client in preparation of the new client. Link to the Official Announcement. Update , August 23, A patch to test the new version 7 client's Online since Adra: Open PvP October 21, Alumbra: Open PvP May 19, Antica: Open PvP January 07, Ardera: Retro Hardcore PvP August 18, Astera: Optional PvP Guilds in Tibia: People in guilds: Random guild: Love Hurts The most guilds: Antica () The least guilds: Zuna (2) Avg. people in guild: 82 Wars: Most wars happend on: Before its creation, it was stated that this server would temporarily be premium-only. This restriction was lifted on June 28, Character World Transfers to this world are currently ... read more

Dia Lord. Trees, bushes and stones by King Crimson. Content regarding Tibia's 20 th Anniversary , including the annual First Dragon Quest , was already implemented on this update. Video games portal. An account number and password were first required in order to login to the game. More Bug Fixes.

This update introduced many new areas, as well as the Citizenship system. A new widget, the Party List will be implemented. Lodowy Rojber. All Christmas decoration items now automatically expire on January Several new missions added to the Oramond Quest. Vocation balancing changes were introduced Ice Damage was added. Only one tibia online release date every two minutes can be send in the trade channel.